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Prabhat Secondary School is located in Lalitpur Metropolitan City -17, Tygal Lalitpur. It emerged as Prabhat Library in 2009 B.S(1952 A.D.) at Dhaalachhe, Sundhara. The school was formally established in 2010 B.S. (1953 A.D) under the name of Prabhat School and continued until 2011 B.S (1954 A. D). Prabhat Preparatory Class was started in the year 2024 B.S.(1967 A. D) , inspired by the statement “Education is the basis of Consciousness”.

Then the school was reinstated as Prabhat Adult School in 2026 B.S (1969 A.D) by a group of young activists. The school was allowed to operate secondary level classes in 2037 B.S(1980 A.D) and higher secondary level(Grade 11 and 12) in 2062 B.S (2005 A.D). At present, the school is operating classes regularly from ECD to Grade 12.

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